Breast lift

Breast lifting, mastopexy in Uccle, Brussels

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Gravity causes a gradual slackening of the breasts.  Various factors can accelerate this problem: pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss etc…

A breast lift (mastopexy) restores the bosom to a round, full, high form…synonymous with youth, live and life.

This is a relatively simple operation, performed under local anaesthesia in the presence of an anaesthetist. Hospitalisation is not necessary. However the operation requires much dexterity and a perfect understanding between the surgeon and his patient, as the surgeon has to know precisely which volume and model the patient wants and where the scars should be located.

The classic intervention is an incision in the form of an anchor (reversed T). This technique allows the surgeon to move the breast and nipple upward, removing only the surplus skin (in contrast with breast reductions, in which surplus glandular and fat tissues are removed).

This means the volume is not enlarged of diminished,just moved !

If the breasts are too small or have lost part of their volume, the operation can be combined with the simultaneous insertion of breast implants.

The anchor technique is increasingly popular …

The anchor technique is increasingly popular as the other possible interventions, (for example around the areola) often deform the areola and can only be applied in specific circumstances.

Although this intervention can be repeated, it is advised to postpone it until after the pregnancies.

After, the operation one simply has to improve one’s posture – bosom proudly thrust forward – and to enjoy …

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