Facial rejuvenation with Fraxel laser in Uccle, Brussels

New Generation Cutting Edge Laser

Thanks to its performance, safety in use and the small amount of discomfort it causes, the Fraxel laser is currently considered the reference in this field.

The Fraxel laser causes thousands of micro-perforations on the surface of our skin, and also leaving intact microscopic areas between them which will be used to begin the scarring process.

Using this “fractionated” treatment, scarring occurs much quicker than with traditional resurfacing methods where the whole skin surface is treated in one session.

The skin is thus repaired in the same way as a digital photo is treated, pixel by pixel, point by point.

In each session, 25% of the surface is treated.

Three to five sessions with intervals of four weeks in between will be required to treat the whole of the area concerned. One advantage of this fractionated procedure is that it can be applied on highly fragile areas such as the neck, the lower neck and the back of the hands.

The best indications of this laser are :

– Scars (mainly acne scars).

– Brown sunburn marks on the bust or hands (sun-inflicted aging).

– Dilated pores.

– Global bust regeneration (resurfacing).

– Stretch marks.

Immediately following the treatment …

Immediately following the treatment, an intense sensation of solar irradiation will occur and will persist for a few hours. Depending on the depth of the treatment, the skin will present a more or less intense redness for a few days, along with a possible swelling which also varies depending on the type of indication.

A suntan effect will persist for two weeks.

Use of make-up is allowed once the treatment is complete. Normal professional activity may be resumed on the following day in the vast majority of cases. Sun protection (minimum protection factor 50) is essential for 2 months.

As treatment progresses, you will note a gradual improvement in skin quality :

– Skin will become softer, shinier and firmer.

– Small wrinkles, blotches and acne scars will gradually disappear.

– The full effect will be obtained after 6 months.

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