Treatment of the lips

Lips surgery in Uccle, Brussels

Mirror of freshness and sensuality …


The outlines of the lips are like a thin tube filled with liquid.

Two treatments are possible, depending on the nature of the problems :

– Smoothing the lips, for the damaged lips.

– Rounding the lips, for the thin lips.

The extent to which this tube is filled depends on the person. Lips with a bigger filling have a more sensual look.

Throughout the years, the liquid looses part of its volume. As a result, the lips’ outlines become weak, thin and wrinkly.


For damaged lips :

When the lips are damaged or wrinkled, a filling product is injected in the lips’ outlines, as well as in the wrinkles.

This will create smoother lips, without influencing the lips’ volume.

For thin lips :

Thin lips need to be rounder and have more volume.
This result can be obtained by filling the lips themselves, as well as their outline. The quantity of product to be injected depends on the patient’s wishes, but should always result in a natural effect.

Both treatments take place under local anaesthesia, as in dentistry, and are totally painless.

In order to allow the patient to judge, it is recommended to work step by step. This allows the patient to decide on the final result

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