Loss of hair

Hair loss treatments in Uccle, Brussels

A dreadful vision !


A lot of people loss hair, but with an early diagnosis, a lot of hair can be saved …

– Hereditary baldness : the most frequent cause.

– Child-birth : hair loss diminishes during pregnancy. During the months after she has given birth, the mother will loose more hair

– A period of high temperature or severe infection, as well as major surgery can be followed by a considerable loss of hair during three months.

– Illnesses of the thyroid gland.

– Low-protein diets and a lack of iron.

The loss of hair or hair becoming sparse are phenomena which should not be taken lightly.

– Certain medicines and certain anti-cancer treatments.

– Contraceptive pills when used by women who are genetically predisposed to thin having hair.

– Bald spots : an illness of the scalp which causes hair to fall out by bundles..

– Dermatosis of the head: an infection of the scalp caused by a mould.

– Repeated attacks on the hair, e.g. by hair colourings, decolourations, uncurling and perms can make the hair fragile and make it break.


Most of these affections can be treated.

But when the hair is irreversibly affected, a hair transplant is the only solution.

This intervention consists of moving hair from a zone with normal hair-growth (the donor zone) to a zone which is bald or where hair is sparse (the receptor zone).

This technique has been improved to the extent that it has now become almost impossible to spot the areas to which hairs have been transplanted.

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