Laser for blotchiness and angioma

Laser treatment of skin and varicose veins in Uccle, Brussels

Treat multiple skin problems

Multidisciplinary teamwork is urging physicians to become increasingly more specialised.

Within the framework of laser treatments, this enables the purchasing of cutting-edge devices from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Thanks to these devices and experience accumulated over the years, we are able to treat a wide variety of indications such as skin problems (wrinkles, age and sun spots, acne scars etc.), cellulite, vascular problems, as well as other indications. This treatment is suitable for all skin types (fair skin, olive skin, dark skin and Asian skin).

The Cutera Laser is a platform which enables practitioners to perform multiple procedures, relative to the laser head used :

Skin re-toning
Skin toning and tightening, achieved using the Cutera Titan Laser, is most frequently performed on the lower face, the neck and, in some cases, on the arms and abdomen.

Hair removal
The advantage of the CoolGlide laser is that it is able to offer effective hair removal regardless of your skin type (from the fairest to the darkest skin), whilst ProWave flash lamps are able to treat fine, fair hairs.

Treatment of certain vascular lesions
Angiomas, rosacea, erythrosis, diffuse redness, varicose veins and varicosities are treated by devices such as the :

– CoolGlide Vascular Laser, which treats a wide range of varicose veins and facial and leg veins, notably deeper reticular vessels. A great addition/alternative to sclerotherapy.

– LimeLight Laser, the 3-in-1 programmable wavelength device, which safely treats diffuse erythema, facial telangiectasia, rosacea and solar lentigo.

– AcuTip Laser, the leading targeted treatment for pigmented, benign and vascular lesions.

– Laser Genesis, which improves diffuse erythema. This is also an effective laser for improving skin texture and diminishing fine lines and scars. Suitable for all skin types

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