Semi-permanent and permanent make-up

Specialist of permanent and semi permanent make-up in Uccle, Brussels

Semi-permanent make-up techniques allow all women to be more beautiful and attractive in all circumstances … In just a few minutes the face is redrawn, the eyes get a new radiance and the lips become full and fleshy…

Semi-permanent pigmentation is the injection of vegetable or mineral inks in the outer layer of the dermis, using an ultra fine needle. The non-allergenic pigments can be mixed in order to obtain a personal colour suited to the colour of the eyes and the complexion.

This type of pigmentation is not to be confused with tattooing (different pigments, different depth, different injection technique).
It can be applied at all ages, in order to :

– Colour sparse eyebrows in a natural way

– Correct the contour of the mouth, make the lips fuller or, if their natural colour has faded, enhance their pigmentation.

–  Give the look more intensity by adding pigmentation in between the eyelashes.

– Accentuate the eyes with eyeliner or a slightly faded khol effect.

– Correct or hide defects (harelip, scars, reconstruction of the areolas, correct badly applied permanent make-up, apply beauty spots,…).

After applying a desentisizing cream …

After applying a desensitizing cream  on the area that will be treated, the practitioner draws the lip contour, the eyebrow line or the eyeliner in pencil, in order to show the future result. If the patient approves, the actual intervention can begin.

The needles used and the packaging of the pigments is of course sterile and for a single use. Even the plastic colour container is disposed after use.

The intervention takes about an hour for each treated area. In the first day the result will be slightly darker than desired, but after a week the definitive colour is obtained.
Due to the renewal of the cells, the colour will gradually fade in the following three to five years. One or two months after the intervention the result is checked and eventually corrected (this is included in the initial price). Afterwards, a short annual check-up is recommended, in order to enhance the colour.

The eyes can be slightly puffy after the intervention, but this effect resides in 24 to 48 hours. Patients who have suffered from labial herpes (“fever blisters”) are advised to preventively take Zovirax or Zelitrex tablets.

An innovating, non-allergenic, painless technique enhancing your natural beauty …

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