Treatment of facial wrinkles

Wrinkle treatment by injections and others in Uccle, Brussels

Ageing, our enemy …


Whatever their causes: sunshine, smoking or heredity, the fact is that wrinkles mark a face. What can you do about them ?

In a progressed stadium, lwhere the skin has lost a lot of its elasticity, surgery will be the preferred choice.

When the face is covered with thin wrinkles,  a global treatment of the skin is recommended.

This “smoothing” can be :

– Chemical : peelings

– Energetic : laser

– Mecanical : dermabrasion

When the skin is disfigured by a limited number of wrinkles, two treatments can be used :

– Reducing of the muscular contractions, for the expression wrinkles.

– Filling the wrinkle, for the constitutional wrinkles.


Expression wrinkles can be treated with botulinum toxin, a medicine which reduces muscular contractions.

This medicine has been used since 1980 to treat spasms of the eyelids, squint, and spasmodic stiff neck, but is also used in many other disciplines.

It has become the ideal product to treat wrinkles of the upper face (between the eyebrows, on the forehead and crow’s-feet).

Constitutional wrinkles (deep or superficial) can be treated by locally filling the wrinkle by progressively resorbable implants: fat, collagen or hyaluronic acid.


With some of these products, allergy-tests must be carried out prior to their use.

On the whole, the side effects will be temporary and hardly visible.

How long the product’s effect lasts?
It varies a lot from one product to another.

Although each of these techniques may be ideal in specific cases, most patients will benefit most from a combination of different techniques

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