Aesthetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry care in Uccle, Brussels

You dream of a magnificent smile, with sparkling white teeth ?


To make you smile again, to revive your face, and to make you self-confident again, we take up the bet !

More than treating damages caused by cavities and periodontal diseases (bones and gums ), aesthetic dentistry is able to obtain perfectly aligned and white teeth.

We offer the following dental treatments :

– Teeth whitening.

– Facings (veners).

– Crowns.

– White dental fillings.

– Invisible orthodontics.

– Gum reshaping .

– Bridges.

– Dental implants.

These methods can possibly be combined with Aesthetic Medicine treatments (increase the volume of the lips, reduce wrinkles, and so on)


Teeth whitening can sometimes bleach clearly the teeth, but only if the teeth which are visible when you smile are the originals.


Facing are fine composite or ceramic jackets (porcelain), which are placed on the external face of the teeth.

The method is the same than placing artificial nails on damaged nails.

In which case do we place facings ?

On worn out, chipped or broken teeth.
On colored teeth that cannot be bettered anymore by a bleaching treatment or by descaling or polishing treatments.

Diastems (spaces between teeth) : can be easily filled by using facings.

Badly aligned teeth : for little problems of alignment, facings are the appropriate solution.

But for more important corrections, it is better to use classical orthodontics (or the Invisalign method, practically invisible orthodontics).

How to chose between facings in composite or in ceramics ?

Ceramics facings are the most used because they resist better and last longer, they don’t color so easily and offer also a more living, more natural aspect and a kind of translucence.

Composite facings are cheaper but don’t last so long.


Crowns cover the teeth totally and are in general placed on really badly damaged or reshaped teeth :

– In case of a weakened tooth that has just a sufficient structure to receive a filling.
– After a root canal work (the tooth will then become weaker).
– Or when you want to better your smile aesthetically, with lots of teeth strongly reshaped with important fillings.

In those different cases, the total covering of the tooth by the crown will strengthen it and in the meantime it will ameliorate its aesthetic aspect.

Former ceramic crowns fired on steel, had a black strip.

Nowadays they are made of zirconium, a very strong material, with no strip anymore.


A dental implant is a titanium piece that is surgically implanted in the jawbone to replace the root of a tooth. Dental implants replace also lost teeth ; and in some cases when all the teeth are lost (people with full dentures) 4 or 8 implants can support a complete dentition.


In the past, cavities were filled with grey fillings.

Now and when cavities are quite small, they can be filled with composites, which are tooth’s colored resins.

If the cavity is bigger, we have to make an impression of the cavity and ask a prosthodontist to create tailor-made the missing part (inlay-onlay),the resistance will then of course be of a superior quality. This treatment can be made in composite or in ceramic.


When you need to align your teeth, instead of placing braces with very visible threads, rings or brackets, we can use clear removable splints Invisalign, which have the advantage to be invisible.


In the case of a ” gummy smile “, we can slightly trim away a part of the gum with a laser very quickly and painlessly.

This problem can also be treated in Aesthetic Medicine with a Botox injection.

Aesthetic dentistry needs a dentist with a passion for this kind of treatments, but who is also perfectly equipped and formed to all the existing techniques.

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