Cellulite treatment

Cellulite treatment via mesotherapy and others in Uccle, Brussels


Thin or round, young or in the prime of life , few women escape these calamities. Cellulite unfortunately sticks to the skin, but it is not inevitable.

Cellulite affects the adipose tissue of our body, our fat cells, which grow exaggeratedly: they store, and are grouped in “greasy lobules” giving our skin this ugly aspect of orange peel, sometimes even painful.


The causes are diverse: genetic predispositions, poor blood and lymphatic circulation, diet, stress, lack of exercise, hormone disruption …

These different factors will cause exaggerated swelling of fat cells in certain areas of the body (especially the lower body in women).

This hypertrophy is due to a deregulation of storage processes compared to destocking, in fat cells. The local nature of this problem, makes that even very thin, a woman can present areas of cellulite.
These processes of storage and release of fats are mainly hormonal and circulatory dependence, but many other factors can intervene including the psychological and metabolic states.

In case of really big cellulite, doctors can help you determine the cause and find ways to fix it. The combination of a number of remedies can be very effective.



Let’s make the difference between cellulite and excess weight. You can have cellulite without being too fat; but excess weight, too much fat, too much sugar, promote cellulite. Without adopting a monastic life, opt for a diet rich in whole grains (which will encourage a good transit), vegetables and fresh fruits, fish, grilled meat and dairy products and slow sugars (pasta and rice).

It’s good, it’s healthy and not sad at all. But it requires perseverance and a minimum of discipline.

Physical exercise

Although sport is not a panacea, regular physical activity is a great way to fight cellulite by promoting cell circulation and oxygenation. Half an hour walk every day at a good pace, 45 minutes of swimming or water aerobics twice a week, 15 minutes of abdo-glutes daily are a good maintenance program.

That’s too much? Too bad but at least swap your lunch three times a week for a great brisk walk. Take advantage of passive situations (bus, television, car) to contract your glutes regularly and often. Small day-to-day exercises make the muscles “concrete”.

Anti-cellulite creams

They will not dislodge a cellulite installed for a long time, but they can really improve the appearance of the skin if you use them twice a day and in treatment of at least 4 weeks.
The formulas of which a large number of caffeine-based are today very developed, even if the miracle product does not exist.

We recommend among other things:

– Special lipofactor cellulite

– Glucoblock of Vichy

– Roc retinol anticellulite

– Body lift 10 of Liérac

– Extreme Slimming of Elancyl (in mini pods)

– and also for their “pleasure” formula Caudalie slimming body with grape seed extract and Lancôme Aroma Fit slimming gel with citrus extracts.


No, they do not lose weight … only the masseur. Some of them, however, are proved to be effective because they reduce congestion and edema, if the sessions are regular and the treatment continued for a sufficient duration (3 months at a rate of 2-3 sessions per week) and regular follow-up afterwards).

Lymphatic drainage well done, by improving the circulation of the lymph, can give excellent results on so-called infiltrated cellulite (water retention).


And sports…

Regular physical activity is difficult to overcome a cellulite well installed and localized. Sport is nevertheless a good prevention and a means of treatment because it acts on several factors of cellulite.

It improves arterial and venous circulation in general, and promotes tissue oxygenation. It increases lipolysis (from about 30 minutes of average sport activity) and it preserves the muscle mass, which ensures a good metabolism of combustion (the body “burns” its calories better when the muscular mass is important).


They usually act by a lipolytic effect (that is to say, they increase the capacity of the fat cells to release the fat they contain), or by the microcirculation local effect (increased local circulation will promote tissue decongestion and drainage, and fight against edema), either by the two associated effects.

Choose creams or gels that have good penetration of their active ingredients through the skin. These are treatments that can be done at home and regularly, that can be good complements of the mentioned techniques, or an excellent relay.

Creams activating micro-circulation and /or venous return are often used, as well as preparations with an anti-oedematous effect. They therefore tend to reduce the circulatory aggravating factor on cellulite.

Caffeine is the active ingredient that seems to be the most prescribed. Its properties are well known today: decreases edema, regulates vascular tone, and increases lipolysis and more, limit fat storage.

Medications to take against cellulite ?

In any cellulite problem, it is necessary to know how to treat the general circulatory disorders venous, capillary or lymphatic which are generally factors of aggravation. Similarly, hormonal disorders may exist and must then be fought.

These treatments must be prescribed in each case. They greatly improve the results of any local treatment.

Cellulite therefore has multiple causes. Generally associated with circulatory disorders, it can also be related to hormonal disorders, or even static problems, such as flat feet for example.

Your doctor will first diagnose the aggravating or responsible factors of your cellulite, so that you can treat them, together or independently, with the therapeutic means at your disposal …


This is one of the first medical treatments against cellulite. This is to make micro-injections into the dermis, circulatory and decongestive products.

It is used primarily to improve local microcirculation this allows for relaxation and better tissue drainage. It is therefore more interesting for areas on the lower body especially if Circulatory disorders exist.

You need to do a good ten sessions, one week apart.
To maintain the results, one (two) monthly session is generally recommended.

Electro-physiotherapy treatments

Various methods are proposed today to treat cellulite, using electric currents (electrolipolysis) or ultrasound. They are applied thanks to electrodes (plates or needles as appropriate) placed on the areas to be treated.

The principles are generally the same: to improve the local micro-circulation so as to drain the cellulitic tissues (anti-oedematous action) and to decongest them.

It has been described an increase in lipolysis by the effect of electric currents.

Some electrotherapy devices also act by stimulating effect on the underlying muscles. This action of passive bodybuilding can therefore complement the action mentioned above. Here too, we must perform 8 to 10 sessions, in attack treatment, then a monthly maintenance is necessary.

Vacuotherapy (endermology)

This is one of the most recent methods. It is a mechanical treatment acting by massage (palpate-rolling type) and drainage of tissues to soften and decongest them.
The devices used suck the skin like a sucker while moving, massaging the cellulite areas.

The softening of the fabrics makes it possible to progressively improve the quilted appearance of “orange peel”. Local microcirculation is stimulated by these massages. This method is also used for the purpose of “toning” tissue.

Ten to fifteen sessions are required one to two times a week.


Which strategy to adopt ?

Some people respond better than others to certain types of treatment.

The doctor will have to recognize the various causes of your cellulite problem, choose and test the treatment that seems best for you.

These are gentle methods, but they require a minimum of perseverance! Do not forget the maintenance treatments, which keep the results and avoid the aggravation of the phenomenon.

Sounds too tedious? Are you of a more “hot” temperament? So opt for liposculpture, which will work your cellulite at the level of its base: deep fat !

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