Blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery in Uccle, Brussels

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What is blepharoplasty?

The ageing of the eyelids usually becomes noticeable from the age of forty. Smoking, lack of sleep and exposure to the sun, aggravates it. In some subjects the “drooping” of the eyelids can be hereditary.

A clear distinction has to be made between an excess of skin of the eyelid and a slackening of the eyebrow, which requires a different treatment.

The elasticity loss of the eyelids skin, combined with a possible accumulation of fat tissue (pouches under the eyes) makes the eyes look dull, faded and tired.

This intervention frightens many people, as the skin under the eyes is very mobile and has no fat tissues or underlying muscles. In order to obtain a natural result without alteration of the expression, the intervention should be performed with the utmost precision and an infallible aesthetic flair.

The operation is performed under local anaesthesia, in the presence of an anaesthetist. Hospitalisation is not required. The intervention takes two to four hours.

Some surgeons prefer to use a laser instead of a scalpel. This is a personal preference without any impact on the final result.


Although there is no pain, there can be a sensation of tension, caused by the initial swelling.

An extremely thin bandage is applied for five days, in order to make the scars as thin as possible.

Contusions and swelling are possible but do not appear systematically, thanks to the very comprehensive haemostasis (coagulation of the capillaries) during the operation. They can last for several days. Patients wanting to be discreet about the operation should limit their social life for about a week.


Extremely rare :– Dryness of the eyes, especially at night (can lead to erosion of the cornea); this is treated with artificial tears.- Infection, (in order to prevent any risk, antibiotics are prescribed from the day before the intervention).

– Ectropion (outward curling) of the lower eyelid, in most cases because too much skin has been removed (requires massages and sometimes a small surgical correction).

Rare :– Slight epidermal cysts on the upper eyelid, on the scars (can be removed in a secondary corrective intervention)- Small contusions (removed after the operation by pressure)


After a few days the expression clears up, the tired look disappears and pouches fade away. Initially the scars are slightly pink. After a few weeks they fade and become invisible, also because at the upper eyelid they are hidden in the fold of the eyebrow arch and at the lower eyelid they fall just beneath the eyelash line.

One week after the operation the patient can resume the use of contact lenses.

Eye make-up is allowed after removal of the stitches (one week).

Contusions and scars have to be shielded from the sun and the solarium until the scars have completely whitened.

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