Mesolift, removal of fine lines in Uccle, Brussels

Instant charisma

The first consequences of the aging of the facial skin are fine lines or wrinkles and a loss of tension of the skin. Afterwards the wrinkles gradually deepen and the skin slackens.

The mesolift technique is used to treat and slow this process: a series of almost painless micro-injections with a mixture of natural products will give you a boost in your skin quality, characterized by an improvement in the skin hydration and exfoliation of fine lines.

This mixture consists of various products influencing the skin metabolism :

 Hyaluronic acid is a natural polymer largely present in human connective tissues. It swells by absorbing water, improving elasticity and hydration.

 Vitamins : vitamin A controls the growth of the epidermis and partly corrects the thinning of the dermis caused by age; vitamin E is an antioxidant protecting the tissues against damage by peroxides; vitamin C stimulates the collagen synthesis and slows the production of melanin; vitamin B corrects deficiencies and is indispensable for the skin’s biological balance; vitamin K regulates the microcirculation of the blood.


 Mineral salts : by stimulating the various activities of the cells, they improve the tissue metabolism as a whole.

– Coenzymes : improve the biochemical reactions of the tissues in which they are injected, augmenting the reconstruction speed of the tissues.

– Nucleic acids : stimulate the synthesis of the skin’s noble proteins.

The treatment is applied once monthly during four months and subsequently once every two or three months, by way of maintenance (and prevention). The following day (or, depending on the skin type, the same day), social life can be resumed.
This treatment results in a dynamic skin with improved tonicity, elasticity and appearance of the skin (instant charisma).
We can consider Mesolift as the basic treatment for the freshness of the face. But it also has a preventive action, to delay skin aging.

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