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Varicose veins and spider veins

No spider allowed !
__________ INTRODUCTION __________

Varicose veins are a chronic disease. Even when treated well, this disease will continue to evolve in the smaller secondary veins. This will lead to blue "spider-shaped" or marbly varicosity, as well as to an anarchic relief.
If neglected, this illness can have grave medical consequences such as embolism and ulcers.

__________ TECHNIQUE __________

Stripping the trunk of the veins, together with sclerotherapy, can prevent these complications in a lot of cases.

Advanced stages are treated first of all by surgery (stripping or phlebotomy under local anaesthesia, without a stay in hospital), followed by a medical part (micro- or cryo-sclerosis) to remove the blue spiders.

The laser, which acts efficiently on some red injuries, can be used as a complement.

A preventive and curative treatment will not only discard the risks which are inherent to varicose veins as such, but will also remove, either fully or in part, the unaesthetic injuries which accompany this disease.
Prevention is essential. However, it will only slow down the process. It cannot stop it.

Thanks to the spectacular technological progress of the last decade, phlebologists are now able to make a very precise diagnosis of the shape of the veins and of their topography.
Transillumination, the Doppler and the Echo-Doppler offer valuable information on the pathological network of veins without discomfort or danger to the patient.
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