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Various types of implants:
How can be inserted ?
Where are placed ?




Breast prostheses

Sensuality and jouth

__________ INTRODUCTION __________

The breasts, among the most important external signs of being a woman, have a hard time throughout the years.

This results from pregnancies, breast-feeding, changes in the weight of the body, etc.
Breast implants are often a good solution
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__________ Various types of implants: __________

The large majority of implants are filled with silicone gel, which offers the most natural consistency. One can also use implants containing physiological serum; their consistency is somewhat softer and with time their volume can diminish, but they remain a valid alternative for women who prefer them. Some years ago, implants filled with soy oil were also tested.

What about silicones? Since 1962, millions of women have been helped with silicone implants, without any noticeable problems. In 1991 however an American jury decided that a patient had incurred a connective tissue disease as a consequence of the insertion of breast implants. After this precedent had been created, implant manufacturers were deluged with lawsuits, stimulated by the media. The American and Canadian authorities banned silicon implants until further studies were made. France followed suit. Due to the lack of statistical evidence, Belgium and other European countries continued to implant breast prostheses.

Extensive studies having found no evidence of complications in terms of cancer of autoimmune diseases, both France and the United States have once again approved the use of silicone implants.

It should be noted that the hypodermic syringes used in medicine are lubricated with silicones (diabetics inject about 3 grams of silicones per year) and that doctors have never stopped using testicle and penis implants based on silicone gel without causing the least controversy.

In recent years, new information is pleading for great caution regarding silicone gel. The surgeon will take the time to explain it to you and give you a written document.
__________ How can the implants be inserted ? __________

- via the nipple, if this is sufficiently large. Since the scar is in the nipple itself, it will hardly be visible.
- via the armpit. This is somewhat more painful. The scar is not very noticeable, because it is hidden in the fold of the arm
- via the lower fold of the breast. This method is ideal for an optimal positioning of the implant, but the scar is visible.


__________ Where are the implants placed ? __________

- in front of the muscle: in the case of ptosis (low-hanging breasts). This position makes it possible to pull up the breasts.
- behind the muscle: when the patient is quite slim. This position makes it possible to hide the edges of the prostheses.


__________ Anaesthesia __________

It is a local anaesthesia, which takes place in the presence of an anaesthetist.

__________ Which complications can occur ? __________

At the end of the intervention, a modeling (elastic) bandage is made.

The first few days after the surgery can be painful. The patient can have a feeling of severe tension in the breasts. If needed, painkillers are prescribed.

The breasts can be swollen and ecchymoses can occur too, but both are temporary.

The first bandage will be removed after 24 or 48 hours. An elastic tailor-made bra that must be worn for a month, day and night will replace it.

If the sutures are not resorbed, they will be removed in the second week after the intervention.

__________ Which complications can occur ? __________

- Infection: this can be avoided by a preventive antibiotherapy.
- Thick or inward-drawn scars: can be treated with injections or an excision.
- Capsule (a fibrous capsule around the prosthesis). This can cause a sensation of compression or indeed aesthetic problems. Must be treated by physiotherapy or, in rare cases, by removing the capsule.
- Over-sensitiveness of the nipple or painful breasts. This does not occur often. If it does, it is usually temporary or it can be treated with painkillers
- ematomae: these disappear quickly.

__________ What is the result of the intervention ? __________

Although immediate result will show, a final appraisal can only be made after three months.

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If you wish to have specific information relating to your case,
please come and see us.

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