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Mini lift

Operation Smoothness !

The mini lift, treating both the face and the neck, gives the face a more youthful, tight appearance.

In aesthetic surgery, the apparent age and the ageing of the skin are more important than the real age. The sooner this intervention is performed, the better the result will be and the longer it will last - generally for 10 years.

On the other hand few patients need a mini lift before the age of 35 to 40.

The operation is performed under local anaesthesia, in the presence of an anaesthetist. It takes about three hours and does not require hospitalisation.

The oval of the face is restructured in several steps:
- relocation of the fat tissue of the cheekbones
- reduction of the nose/chin wrinkle
- removal of pendulous jowls
- removal of the double chin
- restoration of the angle of the neck and chin
- reduction of the horizontal wrinkles of the neck

A mini lift does not touch the upper third of the face or the contours of the mouth. These areas are the object of other interventions.

The repositioning of the skin and the underlying tissues is performed in a natural manner, at the upper and lower extremes, restoring the volumes without excessive traction. As a result the facial expression is not changed.

The incision exactly follows the contour of the auricle, making it hardly visible.

A pressure bandage is applied for 24 hours. In theory small contusions and a slight swelling are possible, but they rarely occur. In this case one can resume a normal social life from the second day on.
The result will last longer if one avoids variations in weight and does not abuse alcohol or tobacco. Genetic factors also play an important role.
If you wish to have specific information relating to your case,
please come and see us.

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