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Scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a special skin pigmentation technique that uses carbon-based biological pigments that are anti-allergic, biocompatible, and approved by the Ministry of Health in order to give the appearance of more hair on the scalp.

The needles used are much finer than those used for tattoos and the pigment is implanted more superficially, which makes for a much less painful procedure. The pigment can be removed by laser if necessary. This treatment lasts approximately one hour and must be repeated 2-3 times to obtain the final result.

There is a wide range of pigment colours to choose from. The result is impressive.

Depending on the surfaces to be treated, this technique can:
simulate a completely shaved-head look by pigmenting the entire bald area
camouflage the appearance of sparse or thin hair by pigmenting the area where hair density is low
hide scars on the scalp by pigmenting them

The treatment is practically painless (tingling sensation), the effects are mild (slight redness and sensitivity for a few hours) and the colour does not change over time thanks to the carbon-based pigment

The effect is permanent, but it is always possible to have a small annual touch-up or to add pigment to additional areas if necessary.

Areola micropigmentation

This technique can also colour the areolae or periareolar scars using a suitable colour in cases of:
breast reconstruction, with the creation of a new areola
colouring of an areola that is too light or small
camouflage of a periareolar scars after breast reduction or implant

Fernando Nascimento is one of the few trained micropigmentation specialists in Belgium.

Fernando offers a free initial consultation to discuss the different possibilities available and to provide explanations and pricing options on a case-by-case basis.

If you wish to have specific information relating to your case,
please come and see us.

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