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Preventing your skin from ageing

Careful ! Danger!
__________ INTRODUCTION __________
As we grow older, our skin becomes less supple, less soft and less tight. Wrinkles gradually appear, depending of the number of hours spent in the sun, the use of tobacco and hereditary factors.
It is however possible to slow down this process by using truly effective treatments.

__________ EVOLUTION __________

The desiccation of the skin is treated by applying moisturising creams after having taken a bath, on a skin which is still moist, or by using bath oils. Careful, however: moisturising creams contain ingredients, which may irritate the skin. It is therefore important to adapt and to personalise the treatment.

Outgrowths and injuries of the skin occur frequently with age. Although some of them are quite harmless, others may necessitate immediate treatment.

The appearance of the skin can be improved. This is the concept of the "return to a healthy skin", which can be obtained by using the Protocols-method.
__________ METHOD PROTOCOLS __________

This method is twofold. On the one hand, corrective action is taken on the epidermis. On the other hand, the true skin is stimulated.

This method will make the skin more vital again and will remove its imperfections.

To conclude, a good dermato-cosmetic exam can determine the state of your skin, as well as the preventive and curative treatments, which are needed to make it more beautiful !

The Protocols-method combines several active products (retinol acid, phytic acid, AHA) which:

- restore the functions of the skin-cells by re-establishing their maturity-cycle
- balance the colour by acting on the pigment cells (melanocytes)
- regenerate the tissue by stimulating the production of collagen and elastine.
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