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Volume of the Buttocks


Flat or framed buttocks, or appeared after a loss of weight or a loss of skin tension don't look beautiful. Giving them curve and fullness give them more freshness and youthfulness.

For this treatment is a simple local anaesthetic enough, and no sick leave is required.

No problem to sit down afterwards, seen you sit down on the thighs and not on the buttocks.

The before-and-after pictures of hyaluronic acid injections show clearly the reached ameliorations. The augmentations with bottom prosthesis have been abandoned by almost all surgeons seen the often complications of these prostheses.

Hyaluronic acid, one of the components of our tissues, used for many years now in intra-articular injection for cartilage degeneration, and in the treatment against wrinkles.

Results will be measurable after one or two weeks, after the light inflammatory fluid has disappeared. But it is only after one month that the result will be complete, when the suppleness of the tissues will be found again.

The product disappears very slowly, between one year and one and a half year. A complementary injection for special occasions, like before a vacation leave, will allow you to keep the result on a long term, by needing only small doses.

Even if lots of pictures showing results can been seen on lots of websites, the medical association in Belgium does not allow us anymore to show them, reason why you won't find any here. On the other hand, you will, during the consultation, have access to all those pictures to show you the quality of our work.

If you wish to have specific information relating to your case,
please come and see us.

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