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Functional intestinal disorders

Distended stomach, wind, limp stools, constipation, etc.

Is your stomach often distended?
Does it already start when you get up in the morning?
It gets worse progressively during the day, or after having eaten some acid or sweet products or some vegetables or rather some fats?

First you have to recognize those digestive disorders.

It can be a distended stomach, wind, indigestion or feeling tired after the meal, abdominal pressure (sometimes painful), cramps, constipation, limp stools (indeed diarrhoea), feeling sick.

At the first consultation the diagnosis will be refined thanks to precise questions. By asking the right questions, we can already evaluate better the situation and its causes, which will limit at the most complementary tests which could be necessary.

The usual causes can be a disruption of the flora with the development of a candidiasis or a pathogenic bacterium, an inability to tolerate lactose, an intestinal inflammatory pathology which can possibly be linked with an inability to tolerate gluten or linked with a milk protein, an inability to tolerate specific food, a spastic colitis of nervous origin, an insufficiency of digestive enzymes, a functional disorder due to constipation.

Concerning the functional digestive problems, there is often an easily identifiable cause, and when it has been identified ... the solution can generally be found easily!

If you wish to have specific information relating to your case,
please come and see us.

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