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Protein diet

Slim, don't suffer? …
__________ INTRODUCTION __________

Excess body weight can be treated in different ways: with a diet, medically or surgically. But slimming remains difficult and many who try do not succeed…

The food pattern in our country contains too much fat and too much sugar. It contains:

- 50 à 55 % sugar
- 30 à 35 % lipids (fat)
- 12 à 14 % proteins

The ideal diet must be simple, quick, efficient and safe.
The protein diet has been developed in the United States in the nineteen-sixties. It has proven beneficial to many people throughout the years. Since its inception, the quality and the composition of the proteins have been continuously improved, especially with respect to the composition of the essential amino-acids.

__________ PRINCIPLE __________

The hyperprotein diet is based on the exclusive supply of proteins and on an almost full restriction of sugar and fat. This leads to ketogenesis and to neoglucogenesis, and therefore to a change in our metabolism. This is due to the burning of our fat reserves and it leads to the production of energy and of ketone bodies which trigger a feeling of saturation, and therefore of appeased hunger.


In our day-to-day food, the proteins are either animal (meat, fish, eggs, dairy) or vegetal (especially cereals, pulse and vegetables). The proteins in the sachets are mainly derived from milk, eggs and soy beans.

This new food balance, called the Dissociated Hyperprotein Diet, maintains our organism's level of proteins, which constitute the basis of the construction of our cells. The protein preparations do indeed amply cover our needs. Contrary to ordinary diets, the muscular mass does not diminish. The loss of weight is due to the body fat melting away !
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__________ DEVELOPMENT __________

Avoiding sugar and fat in our food has the following effects :
- on lipogenesis, with no additional body-fat is formed
- on lipolysis, with the melting away of existing body fat is promoted
- on ketogenesis, with from the third day onwards, ketone bodies, which cause a feeling of saturation, are released
- on the organism’s sugar reserves, with disappearing within 24 hours
- thanks to the supply of proteins, the muscular mass is safeguarded

These effects lead to a quick and comfortable loss of weight.
__________ INDICATIONS __________

- obesity and excess weight
- avoiding complications hereof: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insufficiency of the veins, respiratory troubles, apnee, arthritis, etc.
- remedy metabolic troubles, such as hyperinsulinism and hypertriglyceridemy
- the need to loose weight quickly (prior to a surgical intervention)
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__________ ADVANTAGES __________

- a quick loss of weight and reduction of the body-volume
- only the body's fat disappears, the muscular mass remains intact
- no feeling of hunger (due to the anorexigenous effect of the ketone bodies)
- a feeling of comfort (due to the psycho-stimulating effect of the ketone bodies)
- protection of the skin's tonus
- easy to implement
- flexible, since one can go back from one phase to another
- safe: this method is applied under doctor's supervision, with an initial examination, vitamin supplements, etc

__________ SIDE-EFFECTS __________

- bad breath: this is due to ketone bodies being formed. It therefore reflects the success of the diet. It can be remedied by taking Exova® pills
- diarrhoea: hardly ever occurs. When it does, it is caused by microbial excrescence, and the diet must be halted
- constipation: this indicates a lack of fibres in the intestins. One then has to drink more water, which makes the fibres swell
- orthostatic hypotension: this is caused by a reduction in the volume of intravascular liquid. One must then take extra salt
- loss of hair: very rare and it can be reversed. Taking extra zinc is recommended
- nightly cramps and muscular weakness: these are caused by a lack of potassium and disappear when one takes Kalium Durette®
- headaches: occur during the first few days of the diet with 10% of patients. They can be treated with painkillers
- disruption of the menstrual cycle: this can occur at the start of the diet, because the estrogenes are partially synthesised by the adipocytes (at the beginning of the diet, the reduction of fat tissue forces the organism to adapt)
- allergy to milk proteins or egg proteins: this occurs in exceptional cases only

__________ STEPS __________

The four steps of the method:
First step: the active protein diet
  This step corresponds with the outbreak of the catabolism of triglycerides (break down of the body fat), which is caused by fasting. It is during this phase that the ketone bodies supply a large part of the energy-reserves to the organism.

Second step: the selective protein diet
  Gradual reintroduction of slow sugars (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes)

Third step: stabilisation
  This is the most important phase, without which a renewed increase of body-weight cannot be avoided.

Fourth step: the food equilibrium
  To find again healthy and balanced habits.

__________ RESULTS __________

- fast loss of weight: 3 to 4,5 kilograms after a week; 2 kilograms per week once one is at cruising speed
- lifting of insulin-resistance, with a glycemia which normalises within a week
- fast reduction of the overall cholesterol by 5 to 25%, which leads to a parallel reduction of the LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and a reduction of triglycerides by 15 to 50%
- reduction of the arterial blood-pressure by 8 to 13% in the case of obese patients with a high blood-pressure
- decrease of apnee and snoring
__________ CONCLUSION __________

Maintaining a healthy body-weight is a major challenge. Neither food behaviour therapy, nor restrictive diets succeed in it.


Finally, let's not forget that obesity is a chronic disease and that it therefore requires a chronic treatment.

Maintaining your healthy body-weight, even in the case of hereditary predisposition, is only possible by combining an increased energy-consumption with a follow-up of behaviour and a reduction of the intake of calories (which is obtained by the dissociated hyperprotein diet). Physical exercise is considered to be the best guarantee for a stable body-weight in the long run.

If you wish to have specific information relating to your case,
please come and see us.

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