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Anti-Ageing Treatments

Add years to your life !

__________ INTRODUCTION __________
Man has forever been looking for the Source of Eternal Life.

Adding these hormones will slow down this degeneration.

There are different hormonal analysis programmes which are specifically aimed at men and women of 40 to 55 years old, 55 to 70 years old and the over-seventies.

The doctor can adjust his treatment on the basis of the data which are at his disposal.
It was scientifically established about thirty years ago that the synthesis of our various hormones diminishes after the age of forty. This leads to a progressive degeneration of our body, which can take various forms such as excess weight, a diminished sexual activity, cardio-vascular diseases and regression of the brain.

This reduction of hormonal synthesis can be objectively measured by specific blood analyses.  

__________ TREATMENT __________

DHEA is often seen as the "anti-ageing aspirin". It is not as simple as that, because DHEA interacts with the global biological equilibrium.

A doctor who practises anti-ageing medicine must therefore act in a careful and well-considered manner. It goes without saying that he must be specifically trained.

The doctor will make you find your biological balance again. This will make your skin look more vital, it will stimulate your sex-life and increase your bone calcification.

Supplementing DHEA must therefore be carried out in a very precise manner, controlling the hormones as a whole.

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