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Skin Allergies

... it itches and tickles...

Contact of the skin with a substance it is allergic to, will cause an inflammatory reaction (redness, itch etc.).

The irritant can be an ingredient of a perfume, a cosmetic cream, soap etc. It can also occur in some materials, for instance in rubber.

Until recently, it was difficult to detect which substances are responsible for these contact allergies.

Using the True Test, consisting of a series of patches that are applied on the back, the doctor can determine your reaction to 24 of the most current allergens.

After 48 hours, the patches are removed and the dermatologist examines the skin. A positive reaction will most often appear in the form of redness of the skin and/or swelling and minuscule blisters.

In the 48 hours of the test the zone with the patches should remain dry when bathing or showering, so the patches do not peel off.
You should also be careful during sports activities that could detach the patches.
If a patch should partially detach, you should fix it as rapidly as possible using "micropore" (a light, non-allergenic adhesive you can buy at the chemist's).

What is the tested zone starts itching! Don't start scratching! Be patient, as this means that one or more patches are clearly positive.

If you get an allergic reaction to one of the patches, the doctor will give you a list of products containing allergens you are sensitive to and which you should avoid, together with their possible alternatives.

If you wish to have specific information relating to your case,
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