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Mini abdominoplasty

A smooth belly!

__________ INTRODUCTION __________

Due to a pregnancy, the yo-yo effect of a diet, a bad skin quality or the appearance of stretch marks, the desire for a smooth belly and a tight skin can become acute. The belly, its unsightly rolls of fat and slack skin become a source of embarrassment.

What is to be done about this? Exercise and weight loss will of course help to prevent a potbelly. Hydrating creams can improve skin quality. But are these approaches really efficient? Until which stage? At the cost of what efforts? And for how long?

A mini abdominoplasty is indicated for all aesthetic problems of the abdomen, such as a potbelly with an excess of skin, a slack or wrinkled skin, serious stretch marks. The intervention improves all these problems.

The intervention is performed under local anaesthesia, in the presence of an anaesthetist. Hospitalisation is not required.

The horizontal scar is located in the upper part of the pubic hair. Its length varies according to the scale of the problem to be treated. It will anyhow be covered by the bathing suit.

Before the operation an echography allows the evaluation of the fat layer and the detection of a possible hernia. Patients suffering from circulatory disorders (thrombosis, phlebitis, varicose veins) are not eligible for this intervention or should be treated with blood-diluting medication before and after the operation.

Common side effects are contusions, bruises, a swollen and possibly painful sensation or a local oversensitivity (if the muscles are tightened together with the skin, the pain can last for two or three weeks). The quality of the scar will depend on the surgeon's skills, the avoidance of excessive traction on the skin, the avoidance of sports for a few weeks after the intervention and the protection from the sun in the following month.

Although the operation can be repeated, it is advisable to wait until after the pregnancies.

Never again having to pull in your belly… it's possible!

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